Digital video transmission system, 2.4 GГц, 10 mW,
consisting of one colour camera with day/night function and integrated transmitter in an outdoor housing (IP66) as well as one receiver with AV outputs.
  • Colour camera with 6.35 мм (1/4") CMOS chip, 380 TV lines, transmitting antenna with SMA connection, power supply: DC 5 V/850 mA
  • Due to 27 infrared LEDs, suitable for application in the dark. For this purpose, the camera switches to B/W operation (IR operating range: 10 m, with optimum reflection)
  • Lens: 6.0 мм/1:2.0
  • Operating range: up to 30 m indoors, up to 80 m outdoors
  • Power supply of receiver: DC 5 V/350 mA, audio output and video output via RCA jacks
  • Supplied with one plug-in power supply each for camera and receiver, omnidirectional antenna, wall bracket and AV connection cable
The operating range indoors very much depends on the structure of the building.
Производитель: MONACOR
Фотография может отличаться от фактического товара
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